hand made, following tradition

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  • choosing material

    Our rosaries are made from a single piece of material guaranteeing the uniformity and beautiful flow of the structure

  • Science with Soul

    Every bead is precisely carved, measured and polished and there is nothing mechanical about it. We make each pice by hand putting our hearts and passion in the creation process.

  • Detailed precision

    We carefully bead all the pieces on a measured and coloured thread. As your hand moves through the rosary the thread colour changes indicating the position.

  • Feel the Difference

    Strain the rosary and see the beads creating smooth and round shape. Spin a single bead on a tensed thread and see it rotates infinietly. The secret lies in craftsmanship.

  • Composition Variety

    Material and thread are not the only components that make our rosaries unique. Beads, Imam and Name take different shapes to make the rosary compose in an unified piece of art.

The Piece of art and your everyday companion

Whether it is an Amber Rosary, a 40 million years old organic material, or an Antique Faturan, a 40 years old synthetic material, each rosary is hand crafted to by masters to be your companion and friend.


Jewelry for
stylish women


Dr. Ali Al Numairy

funder of Al Numairy Jewelry

Al Numairy Jewelry started on the 9th of September 1999 as the first rosary crafting workshop in the UAE designed to serve the needs the founder, late Dr. Ali Al Numairy.